Terms of service

Please before opening a case contact us with the problem so we can solve it, a case would only make it way longer to resolve because Etsy has to come in between and that process can take up to 2 weeks before we reach a solution.
Unfortunately, we reached a point that can’t keep all customers personally up to date. We receive a lot of orders each month and sending updates to every single customer would require an extra person in our business. In the Netherlands, it’s not that simple to just hire a person when we need one. So we rely on automated emails. Please forgive us if the update takes longer than normal. We do our best but with COVID it is a very hectic time for us. We are chasing after our materials on a daily base trying to figure out when we receive everything. For this reason, we can’t always give a specific date.
workaround time dates:
We do our best to ship all orders as fast as we can. most of the times it will be with in a couple of days, but it can take up to 2 weeks. If you need an exact date please send us a whatsapp and we will work with you on a date.  
Return to sender ( package not delivered )
If a package is not accepted or it was not possible to deliver the package to the recipient, the package will be sent back to us. Resending the package will cost the recipient 30$ ( this is what is charged to Decazi to resend the package )
Shipping times:
We use DHL express on-demand and the times from the moment you receive the SMS or email is 1-3 days ( with covid 1-5 days ) working days. It depends on where you live the further away from the longer it will take, for example, the UK is pretty close to us ( the Netherlands) so that only takes 1 working day. The US is an average of 3 days when shipped on Monday. In order to get full control over the shipping we need your phone number and email the system requires a minimum of a number. If a number is not provided we enter our own phone number, but the option to control shipping is lost, so make sure to leave your number in the personalization field or after purchase in a message to us, then we will add it as a note.
Our rings are handmade from the Netherlands, Our rings are not Premade low quality as many rings on Etsy are ( that is against the TOS of ety’s and can get a shop banned ). every single ring is made by hand on a lathe and that’s also the reason you don’t see our designs elsewhere. We designed them and are unique. A good reference is when you see “tungsten carbide” engraved on the inside of a ring, 99% chance it’s not made by the seller but purchased in bulk.
Our ring bands are made from two different materials:
One of the hardest metals on earth. It’s a scratch-resistant material, hypoallergenic and waterproof.
Ceramic: This is a strong material that is light weighted, hypoallergenic and waterproof.
Care guide:
– Tungsten:
These super tough rings can be cleaned up with mild soap and water. Keep these away from harsh chemicals like (bleach, Lysol, etc.) Note to avoid a disaster be careful not to drop these onto a hard surface like tile floors.
– Ceramic:
These rings can also be cleaned up with mild soap and water. Keep these away from harsh chemicals like (bleach, Lysol, etc.) Ceramic is a soft material. We would advise you to take them off by heavy lifting. Also, be careful not to drop these onto a hard surface like tile floors.
– Damascus:
The materials used for these rings would be Damascus steel. To keep the cost low the rings are not 100% corrosion-free. The ring will age over time this means it can change colour when the ring gets in contact with moisture. You can rub it in oil from time to time to keep the shine.
All of our rings come with a free LIFETIME WARRANTY. If your ring is damaged from normal wearing, we will repair/recoat it. We do ask that you pay a small fee to cover the shipping and insurance to send you the ring back.
We might ask that you send us your damaged/broken ring.
Shipping to the USA is around €32 = $38 US dollars
Shipping to Remote locations is around €57 = $68 US dollars
It is at your own risk to ship the item back to us without a tracking code.
We don’t accept returns as every ring is made to order. 
We do accept exchanges. For an exchange we charge 20% + shipping + import duties (€6 = $7 US).
Why? Well, we have to produce a completely new ring from start to finish, this takes time and materials.
(If a ring has been personalized/engraved, the ring can’t be exchanged or returned!)
Free shipping:
We offer free shipping but keep in mind that the price for shipping is included in the price, we ship with DHL express.
These are exclusive remote locations.
The following countries are currently known as remote locations:
– Australia
-New Zealand
– Japan
– Mongolia
– South Africa
– Sweden
– Puerto Rico
Please make sure you select the right remote location if you live here!
(If not we will contact you about the shipping costs)
(We can’t ship to APO/FPO location)
(We can ship to a PO box but there is a signature required for the package. If there is no person available the package will be delivered without a signature. There is a risk of the package getting lost/stolen. The risk is for the receiver. We would advise to not choose a PO box to deliver the package to if it’s unmanned)
Import Duty:
The recipient is always responsible for taxes or import duties, most countries do not charge duties because we keep the value low at 20$ but some countries are smarter than others and do a short research and discover that the price is actually higher. If we would enter the full value the duties would be a lot higher. We cannot control this in any way.
Hand sanitisers:
With the current COVID19 situation we can imagine that everybody uses hand sanitisers to disinfect their hands. We would advise you to take your jewellery off before you use the hand sanitiser. This is because there are a lot of different brands and proportions of the alcohol percentage in it. Some of these ingredients can give a caustic effect.
Prices and sales:
We can adjust prices and running sales at any time.
The prices can be increased by the scarce supply and the less availability of the materials or by the increased prices of the materials used in the rings.
We will refuse a sale if inappropriate language is used.
Cancellations after 12 hours of purchase:
We don’t accept cancellations after 12 hours of purchase. This is because after 12 hours of purchasing we start with the process/production of the ring.
If we decide to cancel an order after a discuss there will be calculated €20 = around $24 US restocking fee.
Subject to misprints, errors and technical modifications.