What is the delivery time?

When we receive an order we try to make it as fast as possible taking our que in mind. and average time to ship is between 1-2 weeks. There is always an option to rush the order. Please contact us if you want to rush the order. 


Are the dinosaur bones Genuine?

Yes, we use high quality genuine fossils from selected dealers. We also provide a card of authenticity of each fossil we use. 

Are your opalS genuine?

Yes, we use genuine opal from Australia and Ethiopia. 

Not all our opals are genuine, we also use synthetic opal. In the description of our products we state if it’s genuine or synthetic opal.

Payment options

We have almost every option available.

With all payment options you are protected against scamming. We do not receive the payment directly but through a service that verify every transactions.

Cancellations & Returns/Refunds

We don’t accept cancellations after 12 hours of purchase. This is because after 12 hours of purchasing we start with the process/production of the ring.
If we decide to cancel an order after a discuss there will be calculated €20 = around $24 US restocking fee.
We don’t accept returns and don’t work with refunds as every ring is made to order.


Is the ring too small or too big? Then we can offer to exchange the ring for a different size.

We do accept exchanges. For an exchange we charge 20% + shipping.
Why? Well, we have to produce a completely new ring from start to finish, this takes time and materials.
(If a ring has been personalized/engraved, the ring can’t be exchanged or returned!)