About Decazi Tungsten Ring Custom Designs

About Decazi Tungsten Ring Custom Designs

It all started with a proposal.

I was searching for the perfect ring for my also creative fiance, but it was way harder than I thought.

Because she is also a very creative person i didn’t want a gold/silver/diamond ring. So I contacted a shop that created a handmade wooden ring with very nice scenery in it, but unfortunately, they didn’t do custom orders so that idea fell in the rain.

After a couple days i was thinking if they don’t want to make one i will do it myself. It was a long road of gathering all the things i need to create a perfect ring for my fiance.

After a long week, i managed to create a wooden ring with resin with inside 3 leaves of a plant that stood for engagement. Now it was time to search for the right moment and the right place, we had a spot where we would go to when we wanted to escape the busy life. we were laying on a blanket watching the water and the sun that was going down.

At the moment I pulled a little wooden case out of my pocket and gave it to her without saying anything. She opens the box and was like ok thank you, she didn’t understand until i said “i know i said that i never wanted to marry but you’re special” and she started to cry very sweet (getting goosebumps while writing this ) and then she hugged me hard and started to bloom. this moment is one of the moments i will never forget.

At this moment Decazi was born with this proposal first with custom wooden engagement rings and now custom unique designs made of tungsten and much more.

Decazi stands for the first letters of my 3 kids.