How Super Seven (Melody Stone) works

Super Seven or Melody Stone combines a number of very powerful stones. Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Quartz, Rutile, Goethite, Lepidocrit and Cacoxenite. Super 7 is a kind of spiritual power station with beautiful clarity. Especially now that the Aquarius era is entering, the combination of gemstones lends a hand. The pieces contain their own spiritual being that is aligned with the highest sources of inspiration and love. This super stone gives advice and assists in the new age.

Super seven ring

He helps us remember that we are all part of the whole. On the spiritual level, this high-vibration stone is a spiritual powerhouse with extraordinary clarity. He is reportedly shifting the level of vibration of the planet and everything on it and introducing us to the age of Aquarius. It is wonderful to meditate with this crystal. Emotionally this is a comforting and nourishing crystal. The stone is very useful for harmonizing the body.

It stimulates the natural healing of the body and heals cellular memory. It supports the immune system, skin and bones.

Decazi and Super Seven

When you google you will find those standard rings with a piece of crystal in them. we from Decazi have tried to create a completely new series of rings and we succeded. Our rings are far from the traditional rings and the feedback from happy customers tells us that the rings doing their job very well.

Meditating with Super seven

Meditating with Super seven is literally heavenly. The stone led its carrier to the highest energies. Super seven has a strong transforming effect and makes blockages disappear like snow in the sun. Promotes personal and spiritual development, enhances spiritual skills and knowledge and strengthens intuition. The stone acts as a kind of antenna for energy and makes a bridge between guide, light being (carrier), other worlds (dimensions), spiritual knowledge, the earth and past lives. In addition, it opens and activates all chakras and thereby increases spiritual talents and skills (such as capacities such as healer, clairvoyance, mediumship, telepathy, divination and divination) or takes them to the next level. This powerhouse can be used well during, for example, meditation or shamanic journey or another condition in which its wearer is open to receiving knowledge, insights and spiritual guidance.

Super seven ring

Super Seven comforts and nourishes and opens all spiritual gifts. Super Seven supports and increases the vibration of all other crystals. The stone purifies, gives balance, gives energy to all chakras and auras and tunes them to the finest vibrations. This powerful stone helps with physical healing and brings the soul back into contact with the divine. The smallest specimen contains the vibration of the whole, regardless of whether all minerals are present in it.

Super Seven Physics

Super 7 is very useful to bring and keep balance in the physical body. The stone stimulates the natural healing of the body and heals cellular memory. Super Seven supports the immune system, skin and bones.


Super seven can discolour under the influence of (bright) sunlight, So make sure to place the stone in a shady area or make sure it is not in direct sunlight to keep the beautiful colours present. super seven in our rings are NOT affected by this, you can wear them at all time.

Super seven ring

Did you know ?

Even the smallest piece of Super Seven has the power of the whole crystal. Whether all types of stone are present in it or not does not matter because the stone connects with the power of the whole and the zero point. Super 7 is a combination of amethyst, smoky quartz, rutile, cacoxenite, lepidocrosite and goethite in rock crystal.

Which Charka’s will effect Super Seven ?

The answer is very short is will affect all Charkra’s which makes our Super 7 rings suitable for every occasion.

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