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Beautiful ring top design looks great in the sunlight 👍

Hilbert / Etsy

Truly a one-of-a-kind ring. When my fiancé had chosen the wrong size (hadn’t taken the width of the ring into account), it was a painless experience to contact them and let them know we’d need to swap it for a larger size. Very sweet and clearly very talented! I also got my ring from here, and my fiancé and I refuse to take them off even though the wedding isn’t for 3 more months! ☺️ VERY pleased.

Monica / Etsy

Fits like a glove, feels great and looks greater! Thank you for the quick responses to my questions, I love how it turned out!

Tyler / Etsy

I bought this because the one I bought for my wedding was just a bit too tight, my fault in measuring. Both rings are look great, and do glow in the dark, exactly as described. I like the ring because it looks cool, is different than the traditional, and saved me money that I could spend on other things (my wife’s ring, honeymoon, etc). So I have this new ring which is way more comfortable, and I’ll keep the other one for the sentenental reason that is was the one actually used in the wedding.

Tucker / Etsy

AMAZING quality! perfect fit and shines beautifully in the sun! Seller was excellent in answering my questions and shipping was good for the fact that it came pretty much across the world to Canada! much love❤

Cassidy / Etsy

I needed a resize and order came back perfect. great customer service and quality of product. 5/5

Eric / Etsy

Thank you for this beautiful ring and accommodating us with the correct size. My fiance is over the moon.

Natasha C / Etsy
Decazi offers some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Twice I ordered a ring that was too big, because I wasn’t sure about the fit of this ring. Decazi was very easy and understanding about it and made new rings (2) till I had the correct size. The second time he didn’t even charge me for the extra costs! The ring itself is stunning. The contrast is beautiful and the feel of the ring is amazing. I would definitely buy from him again!


Teagan A.J / Etsy

This is a beautiful ring but I had to ship it back due to it being a little big. I can’t wait to get it!

Kimioko / Etsy

I ordered this set for me and my fiance as our wedding bands and loved it so much. He got to pick what he wanted in a wedding band and saw your Megalodon ring and had to have it.

Ti / Etsy

Got this for my husband’s birthday and he loves it. The craftsmanship is excellent, and the seller responded quickly to my messages and was very accommodating.

Alexandra A / Etsy

My partner is absolutely delighted with this ring. It is masculine without being too chunky. It appears to be of excellent craftsmanship and will hopefully last for many years. Would highly recommend Decazi!

Holly O / Etsy

Such a beautiful ring! Got it quick and easy! Good price, decazi responded to my questions and helped me out! Super friendly! Definitely getting more rings from here! Love ittttt!!!

kaelan / Etsy

It did take awail to arrive but its finally here and I’m soooooo happy my feionce loves it.

Allena / Etsy

Lovely ring. Would buy again

Jayne E / Etsy

Amazing customer service. The ring is beautiful. Thank you!

Kristen / Etsy

Looks exactly like the picture and arrived right on time! Came with a little surprise gift as well. We’re very pleased!

Taylor / Etsy

This ring shipped very fast. Its absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

Renee / Etsy