Quantum Quattro Ring

Quantum Quattro is a very powerful spiritual stone that strengthens the immune system and DNA and activates the healing of the twelve-stranded DNA. He ground spiritual energies on the planet and allow information to flow freely from all levels of existence. This protective stone absorbs negative energies and pollutants. This stone enhances spiritual gifts and protects during channelling.

Quantum Quattro ring
Our Quantum Quattro ring

Quantum Quattro supports your acceleration process to a higher dimension, provided that you are working on it with an open heart. The combination symbolizes completeness and peace. Placed on the body, the stone brings balance. The stone is good at healing old grief and heartache. He brings out the deeper causes and breaks through unwanted patterns and teaches you to take responsibility for your actions, thoughts and feelings.

Quantum Quattro removes negative emotions such as guilt from the solar plexus chakra and reverses destructive emotional programming. Quantum Quattro has emotional pieces, especially those of the inner child. He ends grief and betrayal and is very effective in pain due to abandonment. The stone teaches you that a problem in a relationship is a mirror of an inner separation from the self. He restores that bond and attracts love at all levels

wear our Quantum Quattro as a necklace close to the hart

Quantum Quattro raises opinions about love and brings in a new vibration of love. This calm stone helps to accept situations that change constantly and evokes great inner strength. He strengthens personal power, inspires creativity and promotes care for the environment. He protects the earth chakra. He helps you understand your physical body and sexual nature and breaks the cycle of karmic dependence within addictions or obsessive relationships

Quantum Quattro is a true Master Healer, he brings the body back into balance. Beneficial for intercellular structures, cell disorders, oxygen supply to the blood, for the lungs, pancreas, insulin, thyroid gland, metabolism, T cells and thymus, Ménières disease, high blood pressure, pain, migraine, fatigue and shock

It reduces nausea and supports the liver, kidneys and digestive tract helps with PMS, addictions and stress. Beneficial for arthritis and stomach ulcers, muscle cramps, infections and miasmas and for muscle strengthening.

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