Herkimer Diamond Ring with White Opal, Custom Tungsten Jewelry

$125.00 $77.00

Inlay: Herkimer Diamond
Glow: very subtle glow
Width: 8 mm
Ring material: Tungsten carbide
Design: Flat
Finish: Polished
Fit (inside): Comfort Fit finish

the Herkimer diamond gemstone is a powerful healer with very high vibration and gives energy…. Herkimer diamond promotes creativity and supports female energy. Is a powerful stone to tune. It stimulates mental abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy.

The ring contains hand-cut pieces of AAA Herkimer diamond. because this stone is so extremely clear we added a white glow in the dark layer and white opal to give it some spark. this ring glows white in the dark.

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