Meteorite ring with black tungsten liner domed edge | Meteorite wedding band | DECAZI |


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This meteorite ring is maybe our most precious ring ever made. The search took us a couple of months but finally, we were able to acquire a perfect slice of meteorite. They are so hard to find these days and besides that, they are rare and extremely expensive. But the price is justified when you hold this piece of art in your hands. We make these rings with a black tungsten liner in order to protect your fingers. A meteorite is a corrosive metal and if not treated properly it will oxidize on your finger. A black tungsten liner and clearcoat should prevent that for a long period of time. Applying a new layer of clear coat is necessary in order to keep it from oxidizing but this is a very simple and easy step to do.

Work-around/processing time: 7 weeks

Shipping time: 1-3 business days by DHL Express