Chrysocolla Healing Crystal Ring, Custom Tungsten Jewelry

$125.00 $85.00

Inlay: chrysocolla
Glow: very subtle glow
Width: 8 mm
Ring material: Tungsten carbide
Design: Flat
Finish: Polished
Fit (inside): Comfort Fit finish

Chrysocolla provides balance and inner balance and has an activating or calming effect depending on what is needed in a certain situation… Chrysocolla has a physical effect on many physical systems. It has a detoxifying, cooling, blood pressure-lowering, fever lowering, relaxing and antispasmodic effect.

these rings are very difficult to make as the stones we use are extremely hard we use diamond tools to cut the stones in the right shape to fit in the ring. every piece of Chrysocolla is handset piece by piece.


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