Meteorite tungsten rings

You might have heard of meteorite rings, but did you know that these special men’s wedding bands are made with actual meteorite dust? Not only are they built to last thanks to their tungsten construction, but they’re also very rare to find in mint conditions, and they’re truly magnificent.

Meteorite & Gold

Meteorite rings can be built in a variety of ways, and they can be paired with materials like opal, ceramic, kryptonite, and more. It’s only when you realize the true effect of these rings that their reputation starts to sink in; they’re made with materials that come from outer space!

Glow in the dark ring with opal
Mokume gane & Kryptonite/Meteorite opal line

Surely, a meteorite ring cannot be compared to any other stone naturally found on earth’s surface. That’s because these rings have sparkle with intense light, and they really show their special properties, especially when they’re put under direct sun- or moonlight.

Decazi has been offering handmade meteorite rings for years, and we’re extremely proud of our designs which feature many different elements. Their colors vary, and this is due to the precious stones that are added to the rings in order to complement the beautiful, sparkly meteorite dust.

The Special Properties of Meteorite Dust

Meteorite dust, otherwise known as micrometeorite, is a piece of meteorite that has entered Earth’s atmosphere without fully disintegrating. This happens once every million times, and it’s therefore quite hard to get your hands on high-quality meteorite dust that truly shines.

muonionalusta meteorite ( stardust )

At Decazi, we source our micrometeorite from the best locations, ensuring its quality by paying close attention to the properties that meteorite dust is famous for, including but not limited to:

  • Silicate minerals that are only found on micrometeorite
  • The presence of pre-solar grains and deuterium materials 
  • Abundance of cosmogenic manganese; an extraterrestrial element
  • Durable metal dust that’s found in deep space meteorites crashing on Earth

All of this means that we check specifically for dust that’s very old, and therefore extremely rare, especially nowadays. Only around 36 small meteorites hit Earth every year, and it’s clear whether all of them are able to survive the strong impact, or if they simply disintegrate in the process.

That’s why getting your hands on a meteorite ring from Decazi is such a unique experience. You will never see a ring that’s made with as much effort and as much attention to detail, especially our meteorite opal rings and our beautiful pallasite ring with lots of detail.

Get Your Meteorite Ring Today with Decazi

If you’re looking for a meteorite ring, you’re in the right place. Decazi offers dozens of varieties that will fit your personality and your style. You don’t need to go anywhere else; simply browse the versions that we have available on our store and we’ll gladly take it from there.

All orders are shipped almost immediately, and they usually get to you in 1-3 days worldwide thanks to DHL Express shipping. If you’re not sure where to go from here, try looking at our Etsy shop! We already have a large offering of rings on there that you can choose from.

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