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Super Seven Healing crystal rings. Amethyst ring for men.

How Super Seven (Melody Stone) works Super Seven or Melody Stone combines a number of very powerful stones. Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Quartz, Rutile, Goethite, Lepidocrit and Cacoxenite. Super 7 is a kind of spiritual power station with beautiful clarity. Especially now that the Aquarius era is entering, the combination of gemstones lends a hand. The […]

Quantum Quattro healing crystal ring. Chrysocolla rings.

Quantum Quattro Ring Quantum Quattro is a very powerful spiritual stone that strengthens the immune system and DNA and activates the healing of the twelve-stranded DNA. He ground spiritual energies on the planet and allow information to flow freely from all levels of existence. This protective stone absorbs negative energies and pollutants. This stone enhances […]

What Are Dinosaur Bone Rings?

Dinosaur bone ring

Dinosaur bone rings Dinosaur bone rings like our hand-made T-rex rings are special rings made with dinosaur fossil bones and fantastic, colorful stones. These amazing trinkets are truly magical, and they’re beautiful both to wear and to look at. It’s like having a piece of earth’s history always on you. Like any other hand-made ring […]

Learn About Meteorite Rings And Their Special Properties

meteorite ring

Meteorite tungsten rings You might have heard of meteorite rings, but did you know that these special men’s wedding bands are made with actual meteorite dust? Not only are they built to last thanks to their tungsten construction, but they’re also very rare to find in mint conditions, and they’re truly magnificent. Meteorite rings can […]